Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

The Office of the Provost requests proposals from faculty seeking to enhance teaching and learning, at Notre Dame and in the broader world, through digital means.  Many types of digital projects are eligible for support, which can begin as soon as Summer 2017.  For 2017-2018, priority areas will include the following:
Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
Projects that advance the cause of equity and inclusion, at or beyond Notre Dame.
Inter-Institutional or Multi-Campus Collaborations
Shared or ‘co-located’ courses offered jointly between Notre Dame and another
​ ​accredited institution or between Notre Dame campuses.
The New Core Curriculum
Faculty preparing new courses or redesigning existing courses for the new core curriculum may wish to create digital assets or innovative course designs to enhance learn​ing.

​High-Enrollment and Gateway Courses.
Design, production, or implementation of digital assets (including media production​)​;
​implementation of software platforms, tools, and systems for collaboration, evaluation,​ ​or efficacy; support for innovative digitally-enhanced teaching strategies.
​Readiness Preparation
Online courses or digital assets that prepare Notre Dame students or others for success​ ​in more advanced coursework.

Categories of Support

Implementation and Enhancement Grants

  • Faculty who need financial or production assistance to enhance learning and teaching may apply for support. Examples of past projects are available here.  A wide variety of projects are eligible for support under this heading, including:
  • media production and editing support to create instructional video, screencasts, etc.
  • production of complex instructional animations
  • software pilots and trials
  • hardware pilots/trials of augmented/virtual reality hardware for teaching and learning
  • digital textbook development.

Course Development Grants

  • Faculty or faculty teams may apply for support to undertake a course-level project, including but not limited to:
  • open online course development for the edX platform
  • co-located / institutionally-shared courses connecting multiple campuses or locations
  • summer online courses for ND Summer Sessions
  • short online courses for student readiness or skill building, at or beyond Notre Dame
  • integrated series of videos and animations for a large gateway course.

In addition to professional design, production, and implementation, course development grants may include faculty stipends, instructional support, or other forms of assistance as suited to the requirements of the project.


All members of the regular Notre Dame faculty are eligible to apply for support through this competition. The Provost’s ad hoc Committee on Learning and Teaching will evaluate proposals according to the criteria below. Successful projects may be supported by professional staff from the Office of Digital Learning, the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, OIT Teaching & Learning Technologies Division, Hesburgh Libraries, and other units as appropriate.

The following project areas are NOT eligible for this competition: databases and research platforms; web-based scholarly editions; scholarly research or creative activity (except as related to digital learning and teaching); equipment and infrastructure. For support and advice regarding these kinds of projects, please consult Notre Dame’s Office of Research or the Center for Digital Scholarship.

Proposal Format & Deadline

To apply for support, interested faculty should complete a project proposal registration form here.
This RFP will close on Friday, February 24, 2017.  Faculty will be notified of the status of their proposal no later than Friday, March 10, 2017.

Criteria and Process for Review

Major projects are subject to the approval of the Department Chair and Dean. The Provost’s ad hoc Committee on Learning and Teaching will evaluate proposals and recommend finalists based on the following criteria: alignment with the stated goals of the competition; potential impact on effective teaching and learning at Notre Dame; alignment with the goals of departments, academic units or the University; potential to lower the cost of learning materials for Notre Dame students; intellectual range, creativity, and commitment to discovery; a record of creative and successful teaching on the part of the lead faculty.


Elliott Visconsi, Chief Academic Digital Officer: Provost’s Office (

Laurie Kirkner, Director and Sr. Learning Designer: Office of Digital Learning (

Paul Turner, Director: Learning Platforms Team in the OIT (

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your ideas in advance of a proposal, please do not hesitate to be in touch.