What We Do

"The challenge for Notre Dame is to maintain and even deepen our commitment to cultivating the possibilities for learning and student development on a residential campus while creatively embracing the educational possibilities afforded by digital technology." - Rev. John Jenkins, C.S.C. 

The ODL is a team of learning designers, videographers, multimedia editors, project managers, and program coordinators. We foster innovative teaching and learning at Notre Dame through collaborative partnerships with Notre Dame faculty to develop cutting edge digital learning content and measure the effectiveness of the learning experiences we deliver to students. The ODL uniquely combines creative learning design with world-class media production to create stellar digital learning content that enhances  the learning experience at Notre Dame and extends the University’s mission to the world.


We work with Notre Dame faculty to author original course content and learning materials, saving costs to students and delivering stronger learning outcomes.


We support faculty by developing digital course materials and executing the instructional vision of the faculty through a variety of mediums.


We extend the reach of programs and departments globally through strategic online offerings while unlocking faculty creativity in all disciplines.