Our Services

Digital Learning Design & Consultation

Our team of digital learning designers collaborate with faculty to design or redesign educational experiences that most effectively complement student skills and knowledge. Some faculty want to take the driver’s seat, needing only consultation before heading off to design their content; some want to take the passenger seat and provide expertise to a designer who will largely take on the design and creation of content, and others fall somewhere in between.  Learning designers are prepared to meet the needs and interests of faculty and provide the appropriate level of professional support, using evidence-based practices in teaching and learning.

Services provided by learning designers include:

  • Research and analyze current state

  • Articulate learning goals

  • Balance goals against constraints of time, resources, and energy

  • Design learning experiences from what to create, how to organize, when to present, and methods of assessing student learning

  • Create instructional content and assessments

  • Evaluate effectiveness

  • Generate and prioritize improvements/interventions

The work of learning designers is founded on the principle of continuous improvement. As technology continues to change the shape of how we learn, communicate, and develop as human beings, the educational experiences we create for students need continuous examination and revision. Learning designers work to understand the audience, resources, and environment of a particular educational situation; this is done through research, consultation with faculty subject matter experts (SMEs), and the analysis of learning analytics. Designers collaborate with faculty to identify the desired knowledge, abilities, skills, and attitudes of learners. This informs design and the creation of learning experiences to design and create learning experiences to lead the student towards the successful achievement of those goals. Measuring the effectiveness of the educational experience allows for the most powerful design and redesign; designers collaborate directly with faculty to understand student performance and learning outcomes to best prioritize improvements.

Media Creation and Production 

Our media team is made up of videographers, multimedia artists, editors, and digital storytellers. Under the guidance of our Creative Director, the team works with faculty and learning designers to create engaging and creative instructional media. The team elevates point-and-shoot video to cinematic quality, helping to take content from being passively absorbed to something with which students can engage, touch, and use to increase their understanding of concepts.

Services provided by the media team include:

  • On-Location & Studio Video Shoots

  • Professional Video Editing

  • 3D Animation & Motion Graphics

  • Interactive PDF’s, Microsites, HTML5 Interactives

  • Self-Production Support

Project Management

Whether you are creating a set of digital assets, a digitally-enhanced course, or a fully online course, the necessary effort, organization, and management of how to get from alpha to omega is no small feat. The project managers of the ODL work to ensure that everyone understands the roles and responsibilities of team members, that projects meet deadlines, and that all contributing team members have the time and resources to achieve success. None of what the ODL achieves is possible without the diligence and support of the project managers.