Summer Online Courses

Notre Dame Summer Online

Considering taking a transfer course this summer? Want to get ahead, get back on sequence, or just knock out a requirement?  Take a Notre Dame online course this summer wherever you plan to be, while staying connected to Notre Dame faculty and your peers. Evening meeting times support your work or internship schedule too!

Register through InsideND’s NOVO system now, as spaces are limited. No transfer paperwork and no question marks about what you’ve studied. These are Notre Dame courses designed and taught by Notre Dame faculty. 

All you need is a strong internet connection and a laptop or tablet with webcam.

2018 Summer Online Courses


  • ACMS 24215: Systems and Tech: R 
  • ACMS 24216: Systems and Tech: Python
  • ACMS 44051: Linear Models
  • ACMS 34445: Prob & Stats: Data Sci
  • BIOS 24251: Classical/Molec Gntcs    
  • BIOS 14110: Turning Biology into Biotechnology (Univ. Req. Natural Science)
  • CSE 44648: Data Science (Elective)
  • ENGL 24156: Introduction to the First Amendment (Univ. Req. in Literature)
  • FIN 24150: Corporate Financial Management (Sophomore Business)
  • FIN 34211: Managerial Economics (Junior Business)
  • FTT 44600: Shakespeare and Film (Univ. Req. in Fine Arts)
  • MATH 14360: Calculus B (Univ. Req. in Math)
  • MATH 24550: Calculus 3 (Chem Science and Math Elective)
  • PHIL 14101: God and the Good Life (Univ. Req. 1st Philosophy)
  • PHIL 24632: Robot Ethics (Univ. Req. 2nd Philosophy)

Learn more by visiting the Summer Sessions Website. If you have any questions about these courses, please write to

Financial Aid is not available for Summer Online courses.