Types of Projects

Creation of Digital Assets

Designing and creating digital content is no easy task; designing and creating effective digital content is even more challenging. The ODL works with faculty to articulate short- and long-term course design goals that are (1) feasible (2) supported by research (3) will enhance the student learning experience. We frequently promote a ‘proof of concept’ approach to creating digital content for our residential courses. Learning designers work to identify the content and concepts that will yield the greatest payout in terms of faculty effort. Creating a small set of resources and evaluating their effectiveness is the smartest way to begin the journey towards a longer-term goal of digitally enhancing an entire course.

  • BIOS 101

  • Classical and Molecular Genetics

  • First-Year Chinese

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Level I Irish Language


MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses freely available to the world at no cost.. Notre Dame is a member partner of edX, a non-profit, open-source organization dedicated to missions that closely align with Notre Dame’s--to increase access to high quality education for everyone, everywhere, to enhance teaching and learning on campus and online, and to advance teaching and learning through research. To date, Notre Dame has published and released 6 MOOCs. To learn more about our MOOCs, see our Case Study page.

  • I Heart Stats

  • Introduction to the Quran

  • Jesus in Scripture and Tradition

  • Math in Sports

  • The Meaning of Rome

  • Understanding Wireless

Summer Online Courses

Summer online courses are taught by some of Notre Dame's most experienced and effective instructors. These courses are typically six or eight weeks in length and are delivered fully online, combining live weekly meetings with asynchronous content. The ODL is there to support faculty each step of the way. Learning designers help faculty design instruction for this modality and plan in-class activities using  a student-centered approach;  designers assess a variety of tools and learning platforms to ensure the tools and environment align with the needs of   the faculty and the learners. Our media production team creates new stunning and engaging digital content. In addition, the ODL provides  pedagogical training to instructors to help them prepare for this mode of instructional delivery. Through several years of offerings, our students enjoy the courses immensely.

  • Calculus B

  • Classical and Molecular Genetics

  • Data Science

  • Introduction to the First Amendment

  • Foundations of Theology

  • God and the Good Life

  • Introduction to the Quran

  • Managerial Economics

  • Shakespeare in Film

Consulting on Faculty-led Projects

While some faculty have ideas worthy of project managers and media production teams, the ODL commonly consults with faculty who have project ideas that they themselves will bring to fruition. In these instances, the designers and media artists in the ODL can walk faculty through some of the more critical considerations when embarking on a design or revision project. Anyone who is setting out to create new digital content wants to enjoy the experience and succeed with satisfaction. Our office can help illuminate the best path to these ends.

  • Introduction to Electric Circuit Analysis

  • Reflective Practice, Internship, and Instructional Methods (ACE)

  • Kroc Institute’s Master’s courses in International Peace Studies