Who We Are

Elliott Visconsi Bio Page

Elliott Visconsi

Chief Academic Digital Officer and Associate Professor of English

E: eviscons@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.1801



Sara Copic 

Design Project Manager

E: scopic@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.1840

Will Head Shot

Willliam Donaruma 

Creative Director and Teaching Professor in Filmmaking

E: donaruma.1@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.3034

Kc Headsho

KC Frye 

Director of Creative Media

E: jfrye1@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.7938


Colin Gallagher 

Motion Graphics and Media Designer

E: cgallag5@nd.edu 

Sonia Headshot

Sonia Howell 

Senior Producer

E: showell3@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.1061

Kuang Headshot 2

Kuang-Chen (Kuang) Hsu

Learning Designer

E: khsu1@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.4968

Judy Lewandowski

Judy Lewandowski

Director of Learning Design and Curriculum

E: jlewando@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.4258


Jade Ligget

Learning Designer

E: jligget2@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.1918



Matthew Simmons

Video Editor

E: msimmon3@nd.edu


Brianna Stines

Learning Designer

E: bstines@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.8538


Mark Headshot 1

Mark Witte

Post-Production Manager 

E: mwitte@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.1900