Kuang-Chen (Kuang) Hsu

Kuang Headshot 2

Kuang-Chen (Kuang) Hsu, Learning Designer

Kuang-Chen (Kuang) Hsu thoroughly enjoys employing learning technologies to facilitate teaching and learning in a wide variety of pedagogical settings, including online, hybrid, and classroom environments. Throughout his graduate studies, Kuang was an instructor teaching pre-service teachers educational technologies to enrich their curriculum designs. He also collaborated with educators, scientists, and engineers at a Science and Technology Center to develop a series of multimedia instructional modules to promote science education.

Kuang has years of experience developing multimedia instruction for the needs of private industry, academia, and government. These experiences, including the development of simulation training systems, websites, online games, and 2D/3D animations, have assisted him in eliminating the theory-practice gap to develop practical strategies to support teaching and learning.

In his free time, Kuang loves to play sports,such as softball and basketball, with friends. He also enjoys painting, which is another lifelong interest that he has had since he was a child.

E: khsu1@nd.edu | T: (574) 631.4968